Sponsored By:   Cheshire Sports
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UNIFORM Ordering - Deadline will be in Feb or Mar

Welcome to the 2022 season. For our uniforms WYL is proud to partner again with Cheshire Sports. Uniform fitting will take place at Cheshire Sports Center the week of TBD. You can go during normal business hours. 


34 Wallingford Road
Cheshire, CT. 06410

New Uniform ordering or if you’re an existing player that needs a new component for your uniform will take place at Cheshire Sport to ensure you receive the proper fit. For new players uniform numbers will be assigned by WYLL. Exsiting players will keep their number from the proir year.

Uniform requirements

Boys Senior, Junior and Lighting                                     

  1. Sublimated Reversible-Boys Uniform Top - $30                         
  2. Boys Sublimated Custom Short - $30
  3. Sublimated Boys Short Sleeve Shooter Shirt - $30
  4. Mesh Practice Pinnie - $20

Boys Bantam

  1. Mesh Practice Pinnie - $20

Girls Senior, Junior and Lighting     

           (note:  We will be changing from kilts to shorts in 2022.  To save families money, we offer the following options this year: 1. (preferred) You can order the new team shorts.  2. You can stick with last year's kilt.  3. You can bring your own navy blue shorts, trying to match the team shorts as closely as possible)   --    (If they still fit, you can use last year's uniform top and pinnie - no changes from last year)       

  1. Sublimated Reversible-Girls Uniform Top - $30                        
  2. Girls Sublimated Shorts - $30
  3. Mesh Practice Pinnie -$20

Girls Bantam

  1. Mesh Practice Pinnie - $20

Important Note: Uniforms are custom made and shipped in bulk, they will be delivered TBD.  No Exchanges or returns are offered.