Sponsored By:   Comprehensive Orthopaedics
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Lax Swap Shop:


We'd like you to donate old Lax equipment, uniforms or any sports items to the address below.


What we have the most of right now (4/13/22) are: Cleats, small boys pads and gloves, girls goggles, t-shirts and sweat shirts.

The Uniforms and game-ready equipment are either $5 each or free depending on your need.

The spirit-wear and other sporting items are $5 each.

We also have new golf clubs for $5 each

The Shop:

Open M-F 9am - 6pm.  Weekends are hit or miss.

60 Church Street, Route 68, Suite 4G, right below Smilen Dentist - Enter Suite 4G and then follow yellow signs to the donation space.


updated 4/13/22