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Lax Swap Shop:

CLOSED at the moment.  Disregard the info below until we re-open it. 



We'd like you to donate old Lax equipment, uniforms or any sports items to the address below.


What we have the most of right now (Mar 2023) are: Boys Sticks; Boys/Girls Cleats; Girls Game Skirts

For Girls:  We have game skirts that can still be worn, but we are phasing out of those and into shorts which must be purchased through our Web Site and Cheshire Sports. 

The Uniforms and game-ready equipment are either $5 each or free depending on your need.

The spirit-wear and other sporting items are $5 each.

We also have new golf clubs for $5 each

The Shop:


60 Church Street, Route 68, Suite 4G, right below Smilen Dentist - Enter Suite 4G and look for yellow sign.  Always open M-F 9 to 5.  Other days and times are hit or miss.


updated 3/31/23