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Who can play?

Girls from grades k-8
Boys from grades k-8

9th graders can play under certain circumstances (younger than a certain birth date, don't have a lacrosse program in your high school, etc.)  Parents of players in grades below the above should contact either the boys or girls coordinators to discuss your child's situation.

You do not have to be a Wallingford resident to play.  We do have a number of out-of-town players.  If your town has a Youth Lacrosse Program we prefer you to play with that program, but if you have a reason why that is not working for you, we'd be happy to discuss whether or not Wallingford is an option for you.

When is registration and how do I register?

Registration it typically late fall until end of winter for our spring season.

Go to the "Registration Players & Coaches" tab on this website to register.

How much does it cost?

Program Fees are as follows:

Senior - Grade 8/7 - $185

Junior- Grade 6/5 - $185

Lightning- Grade 4/3 - $155

Bantam- Grade 2/1/K - $125

Do I get a discount for multiple children?

Yes.  20% per additional child

Are there any other costs?

Each player is required to purchase a uniform.  Costs TBD

Each player is required to purchase a practice pinney which is about $20 (Bantam level players wear pinneys as uniforms during games)

Each player (despite their age) must be a member of US Lacrosse for insurance purposes with a valid membership through the end of the season (June 30) at the time of registration.  Yearly US Lax youth membership is $30

Each player must purchase his or her own equipment.  Equipment prices vary.  You can contact a sporting goods store (like Cheshire Sports) and they can give you pricing for age appropriate equipment.
Where do we play?

We are a member of the Connecticut New York Lacrosse Association (CONNY).  We play area teams like Cheshire, Hamden, Amity, North Haven, etc.  We have also played in the Waterbury area, upper Fairfield County and the Farmington Valley.  About half of our games are in Wallingford and about half are away at these area towns.

How many games do we play?

We play as many games as we can schedule and can afford.  Generally U-9 plays 6-12 games; U-11 plays 10-14 games; U-13 and U-15 plays 12-18 games.

How long is the season?

We start in mid-March (as soon as fields are available) and continue until mid-June.

When do we practice?

Practice is generally two nights per week for 1.5 hours per night.

Can I help coach?

Yes.  WYL will teach you everything you need to know.  WYL will pay for the coaches US Lax membership and background check.  It will cost you nothing, other than your time, to coach.  If interested, please contact the Girls Coordinator or the Boys Coordinator

Can I help the league?

Yes.  All are welcome to participate and help out.  Contact any or our board members